Storage Tanks & Silos

Storage Tanks & Silos

Used for storage of Chemical petrochemicals in liquid form and for storage of solids like polyster chips.Elgin has manufactued Silos for storage of polyester chips and cement in SS and CS construction. Elgin has also recently designed total system for LPG storage storage and handling for Mahindra Automotives.

Manfacturing Codes:

  •  We conform to the following codes:
    1. API-650
    2. IS 303
  • silo for storage cement for ACC cement
  •  Materials:

    We can supply vessels of Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. Statutory approval of CCOE whenever required.

    We have manufactured storage vessels for liquids like Water, Oil, Hexane, Benzene including site Storage Tanks.

Lithium Transfer Tanks

We have manufactured Lithium transfer tanks for storage and transport of N-Butyl Lithium for FMC Lithium. N-Butyl Lithium is highly pyropheric and comes under the category of dangerous goods.

Lithium Transfer Tank

This tank was designed by Elgin and approved and drop tested by Chief Controller of Explosives(CCOE, Nagpur).The inspection was done by BVIS and RINA. 300 such cylinders have been manufactured by us and supplied to FMC Lithium, Hyderabad. These can be supplied through FMC only.