Columns manufactured by OAO Kurgankhimmash can be used as main processing equipment to absorb, desorb, rectify, cool, moisten, and purify gases. The columns feature various types of plates inside including sieve, bubble-cap, packed, grid, valve, and other trays.

Whether a reactor or mixer, the vessels are usually fitted with agitators and may have internal or external jackets, limpet coils, dimple coils for heating/cooling purposes. They also may be baffled or unbaffled.

    Rectifying Columns

  •  crude distillation units;
  •  vacuum distillation units;
  •   fractionating columns of catalytic and hydrocracking units.

    Stripping Columns

  •  diesel strippers;
  •  gas oil strippers;

    Absorption Columns

  •  СО2 and Н2S amine absorbers;
  •  glycol dehydration units.

    Gas Fractionation Columns

  •  deethanizers, depropanizers, debutanizers