Reaction vessels which perform hydrogenation reaction are known as Hydrogenators. A prominent function of hydrogenator which often determines the product quality is the degree of dispersion of hydrogen gas in the given liquid reaction media. Thus this reactor has to be designed very carefully Elgin has designed several hydrogenators for Vamshi Chemicals and for SPIC SMO.

The induction hydrogenator has a hollow shaft with small apertures at the top .Hydrogen gas enters these holes usually through self aspiration and is discharged as small bubbles through the spargers present on the impeller itself.

    The hydrogenators manufactured by Elgin have the following advantages:

  •  Uniform and powerful gas dispersion insures greater interfacial area for mass transfer.
  •  High Hydrogen gas recirculation rate.
  •  Uniform catalyst suspension in case of solid catalyst/slurries.
  •  Catalyst savings and longer catalyst life.
  •  High product quality.
  •  No fouling.
  •  Non limiting heat transfer.

Hydrogenators manufactured by elgin


  •  Pressure: 30 Kglcm2 g to 88 Kg/cm2 g
  •  Temperature: upto 250 deg C
  •  Sealing: Double balanced mechanical seal with thermosiphon system
  •  Capacity: 800 L to 20 KL
  •  Material: SS 316 L and SA 516 Gr 70 with SS 316 L cladding
  •  Diameter: 550 mm to 2600 mm
  •  Height: 600 mm to 3000 mm
  •  Thickness: 20 mm to 56 mm shell and 20 mm to 65 mm dish
  •  Shell diameter: 80 mm to 150 mm,

Various sealing arrangements are available like stuffing box and gland, mechanical seals and magnetic seals are available.

    Following are some specifications of vessels we have made:

  •  Vessel material: CS, SS or Clad Steel
  •  Jacket material: CS or SS
  •  Diameter of vessel: 500 mm to 4700 mm
  •  Range: 1.5 KL to 40 KL
  •  Height: 4500 mm max
  •  Weight: 30 MT max
  •  Power: 200 HP max
  •  RPM: 500 rpm max