Reactor, Agitator & Mixers

Agitators and mixers

Reactors are used in chemical indutries for carrying out reactions of various types and complexities.

    Agitators and mixers are usually used for :

  •  Mixing of solids and liquids/slurries.
  •  Gas dispersion in liquids
  •  Liquid-Liquid mixing or blending

Whether a reactor or mixer, the vessels are usually fitted with agitators and may have internal or external jackets, limpet coils, dimple coils for heating/cooling purposes. They also may be baffled or unbaffled.

Drive assembly for Agitators

    The following blades profiles are possible:

  •  Paddle
  •  Propeller
  •  Turbine
  •  Pitched Blade Turbine
  •  Anchor
  •  Cutter with helical ribbon and impeller (usually used for viscous or non newtonian fluids)
  •  Dual drive systems

Various sealing arrangements are available like stuffing box and gland, mechanical seals and magnetic seals are available.

Radial Disk impeller

    Following are some specifications of vessels we have made:

  •  Vessel material: CS, SS or Clad Steel
  •  Jacket material: CS or SS
  •  Diameter of vessel: 500 mm to 4700 mm
  •  Range: 1.5 KL to 40 KL
  •  Height: 4500 mm max
  •  Weight: 30 MT max
  •  Power: 200 HP max
  •  RPM: 500 rpm max