Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater

We use concenterator panels developed by our associates Clique enterprises with technical support fro IIT-Bombay to heat pressurised water at 20 Kg/cm2 g to about 165 deg C.

The concenterator panel technology is patented under the name 'ARUN'. The panels can also be designed to follow the sun as it moves through the sky (Helio-synchronus panels).


  •  Process temperatures upto 200 deg C and higher efficiency than flat plate heaters.
  •  Can be used in ADD-ON mode in series or parallel with existing heaters/boilers.
  •  Energy savings of up to 25 to 100 % of fossil fuels when the sun shines along with storage facility for night delivery. Pollution free and earns Carbon credits which can be traded internationally.
  •  Completely automatic with minimum maintanience.

Concenterator Coil and dish support


  •  Milk processing for pasteurizationkleaning.
  •  Thermic fluid heating.
  •  Boiler makeup/feed water heating/steam generation.
  •  Service industries like hospitals, hotels, offices for cooking, bathing,washing, sterilization, etc.
  •  In variety of industries like Pharaceutical,paper and textiles, timber and chemical process industries.