Gas Dryer

Gas Dryer

Gases may contain certain amounts of moisture. If such gases are used in low temperature conditions it may lead to formation of ice, thus choking pipelines. To avoid this gases are dried before use.

In certain cases, for process gases, the removal of moisture may be critical for desired product quality or process operation.

    Examples of gases which are dried are:

  •  Carbon dioxide
  •  Nitrogen
  •  Oxygen
  •  Mixture of gases like Off gas

Carbon dioxide is used in manufacture of dry ice and process requirements are such that a dewpoint of -80 deg C is desired for carbon dioxide stream. Many CO2 dryers functioning in India today have been manufactured by us. Our customers include:


  •  South India Gas Carbonic Industries Ltd.(Now known as SIGIL) at Manali, Vizag, Chennai and Bangalore.
  •   Bombay Carbon Dioxide Industries.
  •  Mandasa Gas Industries

off Gas Dryers

A very critical and complex type of dryer useful for offshore Platforms. Elgin has manufactured such a dryer for ONGO under EIL.

Our company is delivering a wide range of CO2 Dryer to our esteemed clients. This is used to reduce or eliminate the impurities in gases such as helium, hydrogen, methane etc. These dryers are fabricated from quality approved raw materials under the guidance of qualified professionals. These are procurable at best industry rates.