Fluid Bed Drying

Flash Drying

Our Fluid Bed Dryer consists of a simple drying unit and helps in the conversion to a granulation or coater when optional packages are incorporated. These dryers are available in standard pneumatic logic and sophisticated computerized controls and are also offered in Steam heated Model. Our dryers provide simple solution to dry products and are high in performance as compared to the conventional drying method in tray dryers, which is rather inadequate & troublesome.


  •  Variable Air handling equipments from the basic compact pre-filter and heater to the system.
  •  These equipments provide complete control of the condition of the processing air.
  •  Uniform drying and reduction in drying time.
  •  Involves low labor input.
  •  To prevent any fine dust to pass through the product, the atmospheric inlet air is filtered by means of single / multi stage filters of 20 microns.
  •  Steam Coil made out of 1" dia. SS 304/316 finned tube.
  •  The steam coil is specially designed to get pressure of around 3-4kg./cm^2 (working pressure 3 kg/cm^2).
  •  A digital temperature indicator cum controller enables in indicating the inlet and outlet air temperature as well as to control the present inlet air temperature.
  •  To control the inlet and outlet air flow air suction and discharge dampers are provided.
  •  To prevent static charge in the machine, an explosion safety flap of adequate capacity at the rear end of the dryer and an positive earthing point timer is provided that sets the process time cutting off the motor supply after pre-set time period.


  •  SXG flash dryer equips a special cooling device at the bottom, thus effectively avoiding material deterioration due to high temperature.
  •  Material fineness and final moisture content are adjustable.
  •  Compared to other drying methods, flash dryer can greatly increase the proportion of materials
  •  Reduced material residence time can effectively prevent the materials from sticking to walls of the drum, resulting in higher efficiency.