Flash Drying

Flash Drying

Our flash drying machine is suitable for drying of viscous, thixotropic, thermosensitive powdery materials, including


  •  Inorganic materials: boric acid, calcium carbonate, hydroxide, copper sulfate, iron oxide, barium carbonate, antimony trioxide, metal hydroxide, synthetic cryolite
  •  Organic materials: atrazine, benzoic acid, sodium oxalate, cellulose acetate
  •  Ceramic: kaolin, silica, clay
  •  Other filter cake materials.
  •  Dye: anthraquinone, black iron oxide, butyrate, zinc sulfide
  •   Food: soy protein, gelatinized starch, triticin, wheat starch


  •  SXG flash dryer equips a special cooling device at the bottom, thus effectively avoiding material deterioration due to high temperature.
  •  Material fineness and final moisture content are adjustable.
  •  Compared to other drying methods, flash dryer can greatly increase the proportion of materials
  •  Reduced material residence time can effectively prevent the materials from sticking to walls of the drum, resulting in higher efficiency.