Benzene Vapour Recovery System

Benzene Vapour Recovery System

Volatile organic compounds are encountered in chemical, pharmaceutical,pertroluem refining and other industries. They might be emitted during loading and unloading operations and apart from wastage of valuable product, some of these are known to be harmful and add to pollution. Forexample, Benzene is a known carcinogen and permissible amount of benzene emission in India is 15 ppm.These vapours can be recovered by using prechilling and adsorption on activated carbon beds.

Elgin has sucessfully designed, manufactured, installed and comissioned Asia's only Benzene Vapour Recovery System, at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.,

Mahul Gantry, Mumbai.The system has won for the the refinery , the" Golden Peacock Environmnent Management Award". This award is instituted by the World Environment Foundation,UK.

Apart from this we have also installed Toulene recovery systems for Asian Paints at 3 locations in India and for Kothari Sugars,Chennai for removal of vapours of Benzene from conical roof tanks.


    The system can handle a wide variety of organic compounds. Few common examples include:

  •  Benzene,Toulene, Xylene
  •   Alcohols
  •  Acetone/Ketones
  •  Gasoline


Process Description

Air laden with volatile organic compounds enters the adsorber where the VOCs are adsorbed on the adsorbent bed and VOC lean air leaves the bed. For Benzene vapour recovery, we have found that the adorption cycle usually takes 4-8 hours.

After adsorption is complete, steam is passed through the bed. This strips the bed of volatile organic compounds and water vapour along with VOCs are condensed seperately in a condenser. The mixture is to a phase seperator when the mixture seperates into two distinct layers. The condensed organic product is then withdrawn seperately and sent to a storage tank.

Steam heating normally takes 2-4 hours. The bed is then heated using hot air for 2 hours and then cooled using cold air for 2 hours to bring thebed temperature to 40 deg C.


  •  Complete design and development of the plant as per requirement at outlet.
  •  Manufacture and installation of the entire plant
  •  Comissioning of the plant.